ZODIAC is a set of six single player missions for Deus Ex.

As Paul Denton, the augmented brother of the infamous JC Denton, you will:

* Discover why the President is risking a nuclear confrontation.
* Break into CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia to uncover some of the world's best kept secrets.
* Solve the mystery of dozens of missing UNATCO troops.
* Use all-new weapons and meet new characters.
* Travel to new locations including:
          CIA Headquarters
          Buenos Aires
          Page Biotech
          Holloman Air Force Base
          And more!



For a partial walkthrough of ZODIAC, click here.



Click here for a FAQ, including some troubleshooting tips.



* Original score by Steve Foxon (go to Orak's Music Emporium for ZODIAC MP3's)
* Completely automatic installation and uninstallation



Steve Tack

Concept, Level Design, Script Programming, Modeling,
Textures, Story, Dialogue, Installer setup, web site

CIA Headquarters level (included in ZODIAC Part 1)
Page Biotech (Part 2)
Cloning Labs - lower levels (Part 2)
All Part 3 locations


Steve Foxon

All Music (not counting the little Hong Kong briefing mission)
Story contributor


Nicholas Cowen

Buenos Aires level (Part 2)
Story and level design contributor on Buenos Aires level


Håvard Skjæveland

Cloning Labs - upper levels (Part 2)
Level design contributor on Cloning Labs mission


Jim McBrearty

Some misc. newspaper, book, and magazine text and some misc. textures, such as magazine covers


Luke Clevenger

Has created a bit of concept art for missions 4 and 6.