Completed single player mods:

ANT Agenda - don't know much about this one.  I do hear it's good!

Burden of 80 Proof - don't know much about this one either, but it appears to be a tongue-in-cheek mod and it looks like quite a lot of effort was put into it.

The Cassandra Project: Episode 1 - this one deviates quite a lot from the feel of Deus Ex and focuses a lot on characters.  It reminds me of those old Sierra adventure games in some ways.  They've also introduced a TON of new weapons.  Definitely check it out.

Der Zeit Mann - a three level mod, this apparently picks up where "the movie" left off (has anyone heard of this movie??).  It involves a character time travelling to the future and it features full voice acting.  Don't know anything about it beyond that.

Disclosure - well, this one's still in progress, but the first mission has been released, so there's some real playable content available.  The demo is 8.9 MB.  I haven't had a chance to check it out, but from what I hear it's extremely cool.  Looks like this one's got an automatic installer, so I assume no mod loader is required.

Hints of Corruption - a very cool mod by BigAL.  Won second place in the official Ion Storm level contest.  2.4 MB.  Requires the Team UC Mod Loader.

Hotel Carone - it's done!  I haven't checked it out yet, but everyone that's played it thinks it's extremely cool.

Presidential Emergency - a HIGHLY underrated mod by mokili.  It's great!  There's a lot of very solid, fun gameplay here.  4.4 MB.  Doesn't require a mod loader, but will work with the Team UC Mod Loader.  (UPDATE: this mod have been "saved" - it's now hosted by  I also finally found an alternate link to it on File Planet.

Redsun 2020 - after three years in development, it's really out.  This one's got an unusually large scope and has been really well received.  Be sure to download the final version, which is Resun2020 1.13.  It's a 116 MB download. (yep, it's a lot of content)

Rydberg Field - one of the very first completed mods.  It's quite short, but quite solid.  1.7 MB.  Requires the early "JP2000" mod loader.

- Parts 1, 2, and 3 have been released, so now it's completely done.  This is my mod and you're at the ZODIAC site, so it would be a little redundant to talk about it much more, eh?

Other Misc Mods - a pretty good collection of links to other completed mods courtesy of Planet Deus Ex.  I'm not familiar with most of them though.  This page includes links to the three winners of the Ion Storm level contest, so those should be worth checking out.


In-progress single player mods:

The Cassandra Project (future episodes) - more episodes are in development.  Or are they?

Deus Ex 2027 - check out the screen shots!  This one sounds really great.  They're adding a ton of custom elements like new models, new effects, new weapons, etc.

The Nameless Mod - how's this for unique: a mod site that posts regular updates!? There seems to be a lot of activity happening on this one. Their tongue-in-cheek style should be a refreshing change!

UNATCO Born - ever wished you (JC) could have stayed with UNATCO and hunted down your evil terrorist brother Paul?  Your wish will soon be granted.  Oh yeah, and you get to FLY and DRIVE vehicles!



SFSounds - this is the web site formerly known as Orak's Music Emporium, Steve Foxon's music site.  You can download MP3's of the ZODIAC music here!  You can also grab the music he's done for Redsun 2020.


Deus Ex SDK tutorial sites:

Tack's Deus Ex Lab - I don't do so much on my tutorial site these days, since actually *doing* levels is more fun, but there's some handy info there if I do say so myself. :) Also, you can get info on my model utilities here.

Universal Constructor - The "other" main tutorial site.  A lot of great stuff here.  It's also the place to find DeX's cool utility for setting up those .int files that the Team UC Mod Loader uses.  It's a good place to find comprehensive help on using ConEdit too.