3D Studio to Deus Ex mesh converter

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3D Studio to Deus Ex mesh converter, version 1.0 (65 K)


The 3D Studio to Deus Ex mesh converter ("3ds2de") is a modification of the "3ds2unr" utility, originally written to convert 3D Studio models (meshes) into the Unreal format.  In case you weren't aware, Deus Ex uses a slightly different mesh format than Unreal/UT.  The reason for this is to support higher "mesh resolution" which allows finer detail to be modeled in the game's meshes.  As a result, if you attempt to import a mesh into Deus Ex that is in the current Unreal/UT format, you'll get a random, jumbled mess.  Convert it with 3ds2de, however, and you're good to go.  The 3ds2de utility allows you to take full advantage of the higher mesh detail that Deus Ex uses.


Importing models into Deus Ex with 3ds2de
(this document is included with the .zip file)


Steve Tack

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