Colored Lighting Guide

Thought it might be handy to have a quick-and-dirty color chart for setting up colored lighting.  Use these values in the LightColor properties to set a light's color at maximum brightness.  Adjust the LightBrightness value down for a dimmer light and increase the LightSaturation value to mix in white light.

For white lights, keep the LightSaturation set to 255 and only adjust the LightBrightness value (the hue is irrelevant if the saturation is maxed out).  To produce other colors, use a LightHue value in between what's on this chart.  For instance, for a greenish-yellow color, use 60, since that's halfway between the yellow and green hue values.

COLOR LightBrightness LightHue LightSaturation
White 255 0 255
Red 255 0 0
Orange 255 20 0
Yellow 255 40 0
Green 255 80 0
Cyan 255 120 0
Blue 255 160 0
Purple 255 200 0


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