How to add a control panel and laser triggers

The Basics

Adding a working control panel to your map is pretty straightforward.  In this tutorial, we'll set up a control panel that can disable a set of those red lasers.

Download example map (9K), Provided by Vu Ngoc Toan


1. Place a set of laser triggers and set properties

Expand Actor -> Triggers -> Trigger, select LaserTrigger, and place some in a hallway in your map.  The red arrow indicates the direction of the beam.  A set of four from alternating directions works good.  Select all of them (holding down Ctrl if there are multiples) and pull up their properties.  Set the Events -> Tag value to something, such as LaserTrigger1.  The default behavior is to trigger the alarm when a beam is broken.


2. Place a control panel and set properties

Expand Decoration -> DeusExDecoration -> ElectronicDevices -> HackableDevices, select ControlPanel, and add one to your map.  Pull up its properties and expand HackableDevices -> UnTriggerEvent, and set the [0] value to LaserTrigger1 (or whatever Tag value you used in Step 1).  You can also set the hackStrength value; higher numbers mean more Multitools will be required to bypass the control panel.  When the player bypasses the control panel, the laser beams will turn off.


NOTE: Another typical use for control panels is to disable BeamTrigger's.  BeamTrigger's are the blue beams.  They are similar to the red LaserTrigger's, but they are not set up to automatically trigger the alarm.  They were usually used in Deus Ex for things like triggering explosions, enabling gun turrets, and opening doors to release angry robots.

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