How to add breakable crates

The Basics

This is so easy, it's kind of silly to even mention, but those breakable crates are so common in the game, I'd thought I'd cover it quickly.

1. Add the crate

Under Decoration -> DeusExDecoration -> Containers, select one of the items starting with CrateBreakable. These are the choices and default contents:

CrateBreakableMedCombat Defaults to 10mm ammo
CrateBreakableMedGeneral Defaults to lockpick
CreateBreakableMedMedical Defaults to MedKit

Just place the item in your map. If you like the default values, you're done!


2. Set it up

To customize what's inside, select the crate and pull up its properties. To change the contents, expand the Decoration category and put something different in the "contents" value. The easiest way to do that is by selecting the Inventory item from the Class browser and hitting the Use button. You generally want to stick with items in the DeusExAmmo and DeusExPickup categories.

To set up some random behavior, fill in the content2 and/or content3 values. If more than one content value is filled in, when the player breaks the crate, one of them will be randomly selected. To be consistent, put MedKits in the CreateBreakableMedMedical type, ammo in the CrateBreakableMedCombat type, and everything else in the CreateBreakableMedGeneral type.

That's it.

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