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This page will show you how to create your own custom packages to Deus Ex.  Why would you want to do that?  If you want to include any custom textures, meshes, sound effects, music, or scripts, not to mention conversations, you'll need to be familiar with how to set up your own packages and how to compile them.


1. Create directories under \DeusEx

Create a folder under your \DeusEx game folder.  Give it a descriptive name, perhaps the name of your map or mod.  Then create a folder under THAT called "Classes".  If you are going to be importing custom meshes, you can also create a folder called "Models."  For example, if you called your package Atestmap, it would look like this:


2. Edit DeusEx.ini

If you need to set up a new package, first pull up the DeusEx.ini file in your \DeusEx\System folder.  Add a line at the end of the [Editor.EditorEngine] section like this:


...where "Atestmap" is the name of your new package.  


3. Compile your package

Now all you need to do is compile your package.  Each script file (ending with an extension .uc) will define a class in your package.  These are stored in your Classes folder.  Don't be intimidated by these .uc files.  While they can include elaborate UnrealScript, a lot of times you just want to use them to import textures, sounds, and/or meshes.

NOTE: You need at least one .uc file in your Classes folder, or there won't be anything to compile.  If you just want to try building a package, but don't have any .uc files yet, try the How to get the mission startup text to show up for a good one to try.  If you're doing this tutorial because you are following the DataCube text or texture importing tutorials or something like that, you don't need to do the "ucc make" yet.

Pull up a command prompt (MS-DOS prompt) and go to your \DeusEx\System directory.  Type in:

ucc make

...and wait for it to do its thing.  You should end up with a new file, in this case, Atestmap.u in your \DeusEx\System directory.  Each time to alter your .uc files or want to rebuild your package for any reason, you'll need to delete your custom .u package file.  Then just do "ucc make" again.

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