Intro to making multi-player maps

The Basics
The latest SDK version
The Multi-player Deus Ex patch

If you're just starting out and want to make multi-player (MP) Deus Ex maps, you might just need the basics to get pointed in the right direction.  For now, this will just be a very basic tutorial, as I don't really do MP stuff.  Before you go on, download and install both the latest Deus Ex SDK *and* the multi-player patch at the above links if you haven't already.

NOTE: Multi-player is not my area of expertise, so if you notice any errors or have any suggestions on other information to include here, please let me know.

Download example MP map (24K)


1. Place PlayerStart items for spawn points

Fire up UnrealEd and create some level geometry just like you would for a single player map.  But this time be sure to place *multiple* PlayerStart items.  These will be the positions where the different players will start.  So add up to 16 PlayerStart items at various locations in your map.  If you only want to support three players, then you'll only need three PlayerStart's.  Placing them near a weapons rack might be a good idea.

Be sure to save your map with a .dx extension.


2. Place DeusExLevelInfo (optional?)

I usually place a DeusExLevelInfo item in each map I make (out of habit from doing single player maps).  I don't know if this is strictly necessary or even desirable, but my little test map has its DeusExLevelInfo -> bMultiPlayerMap property set to True.  It seems to work OK, so I guess that's right. :)


3. Place other MP-specific items

One item that you can put in a MP map is the ammo crate.  It's available under Decoration -> DeusExDecoration -> Containers and it's called simply ammocrate.  Players will be able to replenish their ammo supply by right-clicking on it.

It's also common to have a number of weapons racks so that a newly spawned player can select which weapons they want to carry.  You can either copy an entire weapons rack from an existing map (like DXMP_Area51Bunker.dx or whatever) by using the method described here or you can build your own.  To place a weapon so that it doesn't fall to the ground, put it in your map and set its Movement -> Physics property to PHYS_None.

NOTE: If you're wondering how to place weapons so that they don't disappear after a player right-clicks on them, that behavior is automatic when your map is started as a MP map.  Some items disappear and then re-spawn after a while (such as the LAM).

Look at the existing MP maps for examples of other types of items to add, such as RepairBots, MedBots, keypads, etc.

Note that many things available in single player maps are *not* available in MP.  You cannot set up goals or conversations, for example.


3. Edit your DeusEx.ini file

Unlike single-player mods, the multi-player patch added a sort of crude "mod loader" which allows custom MP maps to be launched from the game.  It's a little messy, but not too bad.  The players of your MP map will need to do this as well.

Pull up your DeusEx.ini file in your \DeusEx\System folder and in the [DeusEx.dxmaplist] section, add entries for your custom MP map.  After an available Maps[x]= statement, add the name of your map's filename, but without the .dx extension.  After the corresponding MapSizes[x]= statement, put in the minimum and maximum number of players your map is designed for in parenthesis.

Here's an example of what you might add for the little tutorial MP map:


(or use the number for whatever your next free space is)

And for the number of players supported:



4. Frag your friends

To play your map, fire up Deus Ex, hit the Multiplayer button and host a LAN or Internet game.  You should see your custom mod in the list.  Fire it up and rip 'em a new one.

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