Here are some Unreal and Deus Ex SDK related links you may find helpful.

Tutorials and General SDK Stuff

Universal Constructor - Not to be confused with Team UC or the UC Mod, this is a tutorial site similar to this one, but with some actual web design. :)
Unreal Technology - The interesting parts are under Level Design, Programming, and Other Content Creation. Kind of a mish-mash of info, but there's quite a bit of helpful stuff in there, especially the UnrealScript bits
Wolf's Unreal - There's a good chance you've already been here; in any case, these are some of the best tutorials you're going to find, especially the beginning one
Jered's ConEdit tutorials - These are hosted by DXEditing.  The site itself seems to be unavailable, but you can still get to Jered's tutorials directly.
Deus-Ex.Org - Yet another DX SDK site.  Lot of forums
Planet Deus Ex - A general Deus Ex site that covers mods in development
Lode's Tutorials - Some pretty detailed tutorials about lighting and movers; covers some of the more obscure features.  These are specific to Unreal Tournament, but most of the material applied to Deus Ex as well.

Deus Ex: ZODIAC - ZODIAC is a mod I started as a little solo project to get some mapping experience in.  It's no longer just me working on it though.


3D Modeling/Animation

polycount Unreal Tools - Some skinning and modeling tools
chUmbaLum sOft - Makers of Milkshape 3D, a $20 modeler that can export to Unreal's .3d format
MilkShape modeling tutorials by ISO - MilkShape tutorials in "screen cam" AVI format


General Deus Ex Stuff gamer's search engine - some links to general Deus Ex stuff, like DX mods and general DX sites

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