About the UnrealScript section

The UnrealScript section is different from the other sections on this site.  I try to make the mapping, ConEdit, and importing tutorials step-by-step guides that build on each other to form kind of a crude Deus Ex SDK "manual."  But presenting UnrealScript programming that way doesn't really make sense.  If you'd like to learn script programming, I would suggest reading the UnrealScript Language Reference (several times if necessary!), vistiting the Coder's Corner at www.deus-ex.org, and checking out the coding tutorials at sites like Deus Ex Ed and DX Editing.  If you're new to object-oriented programming, I would also suggest learning the basics of Java, especially how inheritance works.

I'm planning on putting solutions to specific, practical problems in the UnrealScript section.  I do assume that you know how to build these into your own packages.  There won't be a lot of hand-holding, but hopefully those that know what to do with the code will find something useful.

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