Keyboard Shortcuts
Special mouse clicking combinations

A + right mouse click: Add actor there.
L + right mouse click: Add light there.

Shortcut keys

Delete: Delete selected actors.
1, 2, 3: Slow, medium, and fast movement speed.
F1: Help.
F4: Actor properties.
F5: Surface properties.
F6: Level properties.
F7: Compile changed scripts.
F8: Rebuilder.
B: Toggle brush visibility in the current viewport.
H: Toggle actor visibility in the current viewport.
P: Toggle player controls or real-time update of the viewport.
Shift-A: Select all actors.
Shift-B: Select all surfaces belonging to the selected surfaces' brushes.
Shift-C: Select adjacent coplanar polygons.
Shift-D: Duplicate selected actors.
Shift-F: Select adjacent floors.
Shift-G: Select surfaces belonging to the selected surfaces' groups.
Shift-I: Select surfaces with items matching the selected surfaces' items.
Shift-J: Select all adjacent surfaces(flood-fill).
Shift-L: Look ahead in the current viewport (no pitch or roll).
Shift-M: Memorize selected surfaces.
Shift-N: Select none.
Shift-O: Select surfaces from intersection of selected surfaces and memory.
Shift-P: Select all surfaces.
Shift-Q: Reverse the set of selected surfaces.
Shift-R: Recall memorized surface selection.
Shift-T: Select all surfaces which use the current texture.
Shift-U: Select union of selected surfaces and memorized surfaces.
Shift-W: Select adjacent wall surfaces (flood-fill).
Shift-X: Select exclusive or of selected surfaces and memorized surfaces.
Shift-Y: Select adjacent slanted surfaces.
Shift-Z: Select none.
Ctrl-A: Add brush to world.
Ctrl-B: Load brush.
Ctrl-C: Copy.
Ctrl-D: Deintersect brush with world.
Ctrl-E: Save as.
Ctrl-L: Save level.
Ctrl-O: Load level.
Ctrl-P: Play level.
Ctrl-N: Intersect brush with world.
Ctrl-R: Redo.
Ctrl-S: Subtract brush from world.
Ctrl-V: Paste.
Ctrl-W: Duplicate.
Ctrl-X: Cut.
Ctrl-Z: Undo.