How to add an elevator, Part 3

How to add an elevator, Part 2

As you can guess, this tutorial continues where Part 2 left off.  In this one, you'll add inner doors that move with the elevator as well as an interior open/close button, which is quite easy using the Carone Elevator mod.


1. Add an interior open/close button

A nice feature of the Carone Elevator mod is a special button for simply opening and closing the doors.  Since Carone Elevators can be set up to automatically close after a while, picture this scenario: the player hits the call button and waits for the elevator to arrive and the doors to open.  He/she walks in and then just stands there.  After a few seconds, the doors close.  The player then realizes he needed to do something on the same floor.  While the player *could* press the button of the floor he's on, wouldn't it be cooler to have an "open doors" button like a real elevator?  As long as the elevator is at a floor, the CEDoorButton lets the player immediately open the doors if they're closed or close them if they're open.

It couldn't be easier to set up.  In the Class browser, just expand Actor -> Decoration -> DeusExDecoration -> Button1 and select CEDoorButton.  Add one to your map and position it inside your elevator.  Set the Events -> Event value to the name of your elevator (I've been using Elevator_A in this tutorial).  Be sure to also set the Movement -> AttachTag value to the same thing so that the button moves with the elevator.  That's it!


2. Add inner doors

The Carone Elevator mod also includes the ability to automatically control "inner" doors that move with the elevator.  If you have been using pairs of doors at each floor, you can duplicate a pair of movers to use as inner doors.  Exactly how you set those up is up to you.  This screenshot shows what I did for this example, but a better way would be to create an elevator with a recessed portion to allow for the inner doors.  Just keep in mind that you'll need to allow space for these new doors to not only move open and closed, but also up and down with your elevator.

Your inner doors should also be CEDoor movers, just like your other doors.

Be sure to set the AttachTag value of your inner doors to the name of your elevator (such as Elevator_A), so that they move with the elevator.  Also, set the Tag values of all the inner doors to the same value, such as ElevatorA_innerdoors.


3. Set up inner door keyframes

Set the Key 0 and Key 1 frames for the closed and open positions of your inner doors.  Again, you'll most likely want to set them back to Key 0 (the closed position) when you're done, so that they start out closed.


4. Associate inner doors with elevator and set other elevator properties

Pull up the properties of your CaroneElevator mover and expand CElevatorAdvanced.  Set the CESlaveMover to the name you gave your inner door brushes and set bCEControlsSlave to True.

That wasn't so bad, was it?  Hit F8, Rebuild Geometry, and give it a try.

For more information on the other properties you can set, see the Readme file included with the Carone Elevator zip file.

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