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Last updated August 15, 2004

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New coding entry: Custom InfoLink Portraits
New tutorial: DataVault Images
New tutorial: Dispatchers
New tutorial: Intro to Triggers
New tutorial: Creating masked textures using Bright

Mesh Utilities and Info

Unreal to Deus Ex Mesh Converter, v1.2

3D Studio to Deus Ex Mesh Converter, v1.0

Tack's Deus Ex Mesh Tool: Mesh Extractor and Converter

A word about mesh resolution

Click on picture to download a rough version of a mini-gun model in MilkShape format
(Click here for details)


Intro to the Deus Ex SDK
The Absolute Basics: Getting started with the Deus Ex SDK

Chapter 1: UnrealEd Basics
Navigating UnrealEd: An UnrealEd Reference Guide
Keyboard Shortcuts (Wolf's)
Wolf's Basic Tutorial - this is a must-read before you go on
UnrealEd Terminology
Placing items into your maps

Chapter 2: Making Deus Ex Maps
General guidelines
Intro to making multi-player maps
Add a Deus Ex style door
Add a nanokey (and PickupDistributor tutorial)
Add a working keypad
Add breakable crates (with goodies inside)
Add a working light switch
Add an NPC, set up alliances, and use the AllianceTrigger
Add a security camera
Add an automated gun turret
Add a working security console
Set up computers
Add a control panel and laser triggers
Add an alarm unit
Add a ladder
Add water
Add a DamageTrigger (poison gas, radiation, electric shock, etc)
Add "Pain Zones" (alternative to poison gas, radiation, electric shock, etc)
Add a Sky Zone (a.k.a. "sky box")
Add glass windows (breakable or not)
Add breakable walls
Add ambient sounds
Set up in-game music
Add an elevator: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3
Add an earthquake
Making and using prefabs

Chapter 3: Beyond Basic Mapping
Setting up your own packages
Add a personal computer and set up e-mail & "special options"
Add a public computer and set up bulletins
Add DataCubes, books and newspapers
How to get the mission startup text to show up
More Fun with Zones (gravity, friction, ambient lighting, fog, optimization)
Intro to Triggers
Triggers: Dispatchers (queuing up events to trigger)
Navigation points: Patrol Points
Interpolation points and interpolation triggers (movin' stuff around)
Visible light beams
Click here for a list of possible future topics for this section

Chapter 4: "Making Conversation" with ConEdit
Intro to ConEdit: Creating basic conversations
Click here for a list of possible future ConEdit topics

Chapter 5: Adding Custom Elements to Deus Ex
Adding custom textures
How to create masked textures using Photoshop
How to create masked textures using Bright
Adding DataVault images
Adding custom sound effects
Creating custom music
Re-skinning character meshes to create new characters
Adding custom meshes (models)
Organizing multiple mesh import files
Creating custom "pickups" (an introduction to coding with UnrealScript)

Chapter 6: Putting it all together
Linking maps together (using Teleporters)
Major transitions between maps using MapExit (making Jock's helicopter fly)
Intro/End Game cut scenes (cinematics) using CameraPoints
Distributing your missions: Setting up for the "TeamUC Mod Loader" (DeusExML)
Distributing your missions: Using the NSIS installer

Please read this first
Creating and setting a custom player class (using the Team UC Mod Loader)
Creating and setting a custom player class (without the Mod Loader)
Custom scrolling end credits
Custom computer nodes
Custom InfoLink portraits

Reference Guides and Tips
UnrealEd Reference Guide
Colored Lighting Guide
Augmentation Pairs List
Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks
Brush Tips & Tricks

Note that items marked with a strikethrough are hopefully "coming soon"